Huawei Global Security Chief John Suffolk presents the inaugural Huawei industry seminar at RMIT

Huawei Global Security Chief John Suffolk explored perspectives on cyber security at an industry seminar hosted by RMIT University on Friday, 31 May.

Mr John Suffolk presented an open and frank perspective of Huawei's viewpoints regarding cyber security and the overall ramifications and impact it has on technology, society and our daily life in the seminar, Cyber Security Perspectives: 21st century technology and security - a difficult marriage.

In this inaugural Huawei industry seminar, he examined the current state of cyber security in terms of historical context, the players, and the unique challenges posed by the ever-expanding global supply chain.

Mr Suffolk, who was appointed Huawei Global Cyber Security Officer in August 2011, outlines the company's approach to the cyber security and global supply chain challenge, and detailed suggestions for how to address these concerns in a proactive and pragmatic way across the IT industry.

Prior to joining Huawei, Mr Suffolk was Her Majesty's Government Chief Information Officer and Senior Information Risk Officer, and was previously the Director General of Criminal Justice IT (CJIT) in the UK.

He has a background of over 25 years' experience in IT and major transformation programs, has worked in the engineering and financial service industries and has extensive experience in delivering IT-enabled change.

In his role as the UK CIO, Mr Suffolk led the work of the CIO Council in delivering the UK government's strategy for the transformation of public services enabled by technology.

Mr Suffolk also provided leadership to the IT profession across the wider public sector and enabled public service transformation through the strategic deployment of technology which included driving the use of shared services.

He is a frequent conference speaker on transformational change and leadership in the UK and abroad.

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