Stephen Langsford, Quickflix - Talking Business 2014 Ep 16

Plus: Interview with economist Nicholas Gruen

Interview with Stephen Langsford, CEO and founder of Quickflix
Interview with economist Nicholas Gruen
Leon and Garry discuss issues including:
· The International Monetary Fund issuing a warning about China's private debt. It released a report citing "rising vulnerabilities" in China's financial system, including lending outside traditional banks. At the same time, German economic growth is heading for a significant slowdown in the second quarter of 2014 and businesses across the 18 countries that share the euro have lost some of their recently recovered optimism during April

· Prime Minister Tony Abbott saying he will make it tougher for new retirees to qualify for the age pension after the next election and has given his strongest signal yet that he will target Medicare in his first budget. And he won't confirm whether a new debt levy is on the budget table but insists a temporary tax hike wouldn't be a broken promise.

· The levy causing uproar in the business world and the Liberal Party, forcing Abbott to back down on the generosity of his signature paid parental leave scheme, dropping the maximum payment for six months from $75,000 to $50,000, blaming it on the “budget emergency” created by the former Labor government

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