Adam Theobald, Beat the Q - Talking Business 2014 Ep 18

Adam Theobald talks about what inspired him to develop the Beat the Q app, how he developed it and how the business is growing

Interview with Adam Theobald, founder of Beat the Q

Interview with economist Stephen Koukoulas

Leon and Garry talk about issues including:
· China’s economy slowing in April as sales and investment in the country’s crucial real estate sector plunge and China's president telling the country to get used to slower growth, damping expectations of a new stimulus.

· The Bundesbank, which has for years been defined by its conservative opposition to the ECB's emergency measures to combat the eurozone's debt crisis, now fully engaged in the fight against super-low inflation in the eurozone using monetary policy tools. That could include introducing negative interest rates

· A complete analysis of the Abbott Government’s first Budget

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