Pete Sanders, MD Reckon Business Group - Talking Business 2014 Ep. 22

Pete Sanders, MD of Reckon Business Group on the cloud in accounting

Interview with Pete Sanders, MD of the Reckon Business Group

Interview with economist Nicholas Gruen

Leon and Garry discuss issues including:

The World Bank saying a harsh winter in the US along with the Ukraine conflict have chilled the outlook for global economic growth this year, but highly developed economies will lead a rebound later in the year. The OECD says emerging economies China, Russia and Brazil are showing signs of slowing down but China’s trade surplus surges and Japan’s economy posts the strongest expansion in more than two years.

The government is still confident it can get its toughest budget measures through the upper house but Tony Abbott’s plan to dump Labor’s final round of income tax cuts is in doubt

Canadian investors are being urged this week to pour some of their cash into Australian projects as Tony Abbott spends two days in Ottawa to meet political and business leaders.

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