Dan Gold - MELT Pizza - Talking Business 2014 Ep 23

Interview with Dan Gold from MELT Pizza

Dan Gold talks about his business MELT Pizza which is pizza with a difference. Tailored for each client and cooked in 2 minutes in a special oven. He says it’s a new market.

Interview with RMIT economics professor Sinclair Davidson

Leon and Garry discuss issues including:

· The International Monetary Fund slashing its forecast for the United States, global oil prices surging to fresh nine-month highs as traders eyed escalating violence in Iraq, uneven recovery in the US housing sector and investor confidence in Germany crashes

· The iron ore price, a bellwether of government finances, is sinking and falls below $90 and is tipped to go much lower

· The federal budget could be pushed further into the red with up to a billion dollars of proposed spending cuts and revenue-raising measures due to start on or soon after July 1 facing delays.

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