Sam Allert, MD Reckon Accountants Group - Talking Business 2014 Ep 26

Interview with Sam Allert, MD of the Reckon Accountants Group

Sam Allert, MD of the Reckon Accountants Group talks about accounting and the cloud

Interview with RMIT economist Francis Jonathan Boymal

Leon and Garry talk about issues including:
· Growing evidence that the Eurozone’s recovery has slowed alarmingly with German industrial production plunging in May at its sharpest pace in more than two years and IMF chief Christine Lagarde hinting that the International Monetary Fund may be preparing to cut its global growth forecasts as she warned that a pick-up in economic activity could prove “less robust than expected” amid “depressed” levels of investment.Meanwhile China’s central bank says that China’s growth remains at a reasonable range, London's century-old gold price fixing, tainted by a rigging scandal and attacked by critics as old-fashioned, goes under the spotlight this week.

· In Australia, companies have shrugged off the sharp slide in consumer sentiment since the Federal Budget, with business confidence increasing in the past month but consumer confidence remains at a low level

· Clive Palmer blowing a huge new hole in the Abbott government’s budget – saying he will vote against Coalition plans to abolish the school-kids’ bonus, the low income superannuation guarantee and a bonus for welfare recipients – at a total cost of more than $9bn while the Abbott government suffers an embarrassing setback to its bid to fast track repeal of the carbon tax through parliament with the Senate rejecting a government move to force an urgent vote on its legislation.

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