Peter Harte, CEO of Kronos - Talking Business 2014, Ep 28

Peter Harte, CEO of Kronos talks about workforce management.

Leon and Garry talk about issues including:

· EU foreign ministers agreeing to speed up wider sanctions against Russia and to examine tougher measures, including in the defence sector after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was allegedly downed by pro-Moscow rebels. Meanwhile, there’s bad news coming out of America with a report finding that US home values won't match their pre-recession peak of 2007 until 2017 and IMF lowers its growth forecast for the US

· Warnings that the risk of an Australian sharemarket downturn is growing amid rising political unrest around the world and possible interest rate hikes

· The nation’s top economic modellers at the Melbourne Economic Forum warning that Australians are condemned to falling living standards unless the nation wakes up to the need for painful reforms to spur the biggest productivity surge in more than two decades

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