John Winning, Founder & CEO Appliances Online - Talking Business 2014 Ep32

Interview with John Winning, founder and CEO of Appliances Online

Longer description of podcast: John Winning, founder and CEO of Appliances Online talks about how he set up his business built up from his family business and how it operates

Interview with economist Nicholas Gruen

Leon and Garry talk about issues including:

China’s property market going through its worst slump on record with the average price of new homes in 70 Chinese cities falling for the third straight month in July, the Eurozone trade surplus lifting and US home construction surging

Worrying signs for the Australian economy with Australia’s misery index – the sum of unemployment and inflation rates – now at 9.0, the highest since 2008, when the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings froze credit markets around the world and triggered the deepest recession in the US since the Great Depression.

A complete summary of all the profits coming in.

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