Don Meij, CEO of Dominos Pizza - Talking Business 2014, Ep 37

Plus interview with RMIT economist Francis Grey.

Leon and Garry talk about issues including:

· Activity in China’s manufacturing sector beating expectations in September to hit a two-month high but activity in the eurozone's private sector slowed again in September, indicating that it is unlikely to emerge soon from economic stagnation while Britain's budget deficit widened in August compared with a year earlier, a sign the nation's economic recovery has yet to be felt in its public finances.

· The World Bank saying there is strong support from countries and businesses worldwide for carbon pricing schemes to cut greenhouse emissions with 73 countries and nearly two dozen states and cities representing more than half the world's economy had endorsed putting a price on carbon emissions.

· The Reserve Bank significantly strengthening its warnings about the housing property market in Sydney and Melbourne, using a Financial Stability Review to draw attention to how an "unbalanced" housing property market may place the broader economy at risk and potentially threaten the financial services sector via commercial property.

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