Prof. Lee Parker, RMIT University Accounting - Talking Business 2015 Ep. 7

plus economist Sinclair Davidson

Lee Parker, a professor in Accounting in the School of Accounting at RMIT University, talks about economic history, corporate social and environmental responsibility and its implications today.

Interview with RMIT economist Sinclair Davidson

Leon and Garry talk about issues including:

· China saying it will be tough to meet the 7 per cent growth target and falling housing figures in the US indicating a patchy recovery but Greece pays its debt on time.

· Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull upsetting Rupert Murdoch and flagging changes to tax rules so that multinational organisations such as Google and Facebook can be charged GST on the advertising they sell to Australian clients

· Findings that more than one quarter of Australia's top 300 companies have no women on their boards

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