Garry Barker and Leon Gettler - England, Ireland and Australia - Talking Business Ep 11c

A review of the week in business, with expert analysis and commentary

Garry and Leon discuss the week’s events in England, Ireland and Australia. In Ireland, property prices have crashed, unemployment is growing and the country is battling a massive debt. The situation is not much better in England which is headed into an election. The tip is for a hung parliament. In Australia, the RBA has lifted interest rates again to 4.25% and the RBA has tipped more rate rises. Meanwhile, the economy seems to be recovering with executives optimistic about a strong finish to the financial year and growth in the ANZ job ads index. Former Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu will not appeal against his 10 year jail sentence for bribery in China. And Woolworths is getting ready to compete in hardware as part of a joint venture with a US company. It will take on Bunnings, owned by Wesfarmers which also owns Coles.

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Garry Barker and Leon Gettler
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