John Symonds, founder and CEO of Aussie Home Loans - Talking Business 2010 Ep 13a

A review of the week in business, with expert analysis and commentary

Welcome to Talking Business, a podcast produced for the College of Business at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. This week we talk with John Symonds, founder and chief executive of second-tier mortgage lender Aussie Home Loans a man who is an example of how determination, insight and business acumen can overcome adversity and bring success. He has survived financial and personal crisis, formed a relationship with the Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest mortgage lender, but steers his own ship, providing competition in the Australian mortgage industry. He talks about the effect of rising interest rates, about change, about seizing opportunities and how his childhood life equipped him for his business life. He says it takes a storm to make a rainbow and offers advice to home buyers on how they should conduct their affairs.

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