Fiona Sullivan - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation during recession and the Eco-Age - Graduate School of Business Alumni Events

Graduate School of Business Alumni Events - Fiona Sullivan

Entrepreneurship can emerge in anyone, at any stage and involves elements such as creativity and necessity, to get started; qualities that can become most common in times of recession.

After graduating from RMIT Fine Art Ceramics, at the start of the 1990’s recession, Fiona Sullivan launched 'ChalkArt', a low cost start up supplying commercial art, Interior Design and Project Management for Major Construction Projects. Among the many aspects of building a successful business, the greatest focus was always on sustainability, teams and business management; these interests lead to the natural next step, selling the business, taking on the RMIT MBA and now entrepreneurship with RMIT Business Plan Competition, (getting students started with a 'new venture' parachute and a focus on sustainability).

Fiona shares stories and career experience, from Fine Art to MBA, how the MBA is leading to work with her special interest 'entrepreneurship for sustainability' ... and asks the big question: "how to create sustainable business through a recession in the eco-age?"

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