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After some 16 years in the IT&T industries, John was invited to help create and build a boutique investment bank. In the early days at the investment bank, John and his colleagues searched in vain for an established method of predicting the future performance of businesses. As long term IT executives they were used to having tools, methods and systems available for all business processes.

At that time the idea of 360 degree assessment and balanced scorecards was being promoted for performance reviews. One of John’s colleagues asked "Why can’t we do something similar but looking at the factors that affect future business performance?"

Based on this initial idea a business assessment tool was developed to predict future performance of businesses. Used initially as an internal investment decision support tool, the system was developed further and used as a self assessment tool and investment support method by leading companies in various sectors around the world.

John discusses in more detail:

* How the tool was developed;
* How it has been used to date;
* What is happening with it today.

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