Global Studies Seminar Series | Professor Robyn Eckersley and Dr Martin Mulligan

The new politics of climate change

The new politics of climate change: building political momentum and community support for adequate action on climate change.

In regard to responding to the enormous challenges of climate change, the public debate in Australia has been frustratingly narrow and yet polarising. The Rudd/Gillard governments have put nearly all their emphasis on the twice-defeated Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and an increased roll-out renewable energy alternatives, while the Abbott-led opposition has given new oxygen to climate change scepticism and has talked very loosely about 'direct action' rather than taxation.

The extraordinary outcome of the recent federal election has changed the political climate significantly yet big challenges lie ahead for building an adequate political response to what Kevin Rudd properly called the ‘greatest moral challenge of our time’. Professor Robyn Eckersley and Dr Martin Mulligan will discuss ways of building political momentum and broader community support for a more fundamental shift in the way we look at this 'issue'.

Professor Robyn Eckersley is Head of Political Science at the University of Melbourne and author of the book The green state: rethinking democracy and sovereignty.

Dr Martin Mulligan is the Director of the Globalism Research Centre at RMIT University and was co-author of the book Ecological pioneers: a social history of Australian ecological thought and action.

Recorded 13th October, 2010.

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