Global Studies Seminar Series | Professor Jim Falk

Worlds in transition: evolving governance across a stressed planet

In a recent book Professors Joseph Camilleri and Jim Falk set out to investigate how the capacity of humans to shape their future - and in particular through the processes which collectively have become known as public governance - are, could, and perhaps even should evolve during this period of extraordinary transition which humans and their planet are experiencing. Inevitably such a goal could be only partially realised.

In this seminar Jim Falk will describe some of the elements of this analysis and conclusions drawn, with particular attention to ‘sectoral studies’ around issues associated with climate change and the intensifying global flows of information and pathogens.

Professor Jim Falk is the foundation Director of the Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society (ACSIS) and Convenor of the Climate Adaptation Science and Policy Initiative (CASPI) at the University of Melbourne. He is also Director of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities Pacific Cities: Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies (CMAS) project—a collaborative project across Australia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and the USA. His most recent book, co-authored with Professor Joseph Camilleri and released earlier this year, is Worlds in transition: evolving governance across a stressed planet (Edward Elgar, London, 2010).

Recorded at the RMIT Research Lounge on 10th November, 2010.

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