Jarrod Ritchie, founder and CEO of TPI Enterprises - Talking Business 2010 Ep 47a

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Jarrod Ritchie is founder and chief executive of TPI Enterprises, one of the world’s largest independent producers of legal opiate drugs, such as morphine and thebane., the latter, derived from the opium poppy as are morphine and heroin, is used in combating drug abuse. TPI enterprises are based in Tasmania, the only Australian state permitted to grow opium poppies. Mr Ritchie competes with major producers of legal morphine in Spain, Turkey and elsewhere, two of whom, Glaxo Smith Klein and Johnson and Johnson have large processing plants in Australia, also using poppies grown in Tasmania. He is an industrial chemist who previously worked for Glaxo Smith Klein but, having left that company, developed his own extraction process using an environmentally friendly water-based system where is competitors use an older method employing chemical solvents. He has also been involved with Israeli botanists in developing a new strain of a more productive opium poppy.

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