Evan Thornley, Founder of LookSmart, CEO of Better Place - Talking Business 2011 Ep 25a

A review of the week in business, with expert analysis and commentary.

Garry and Leon talk with Evan Thornley, who began his business life with McKinsey and Company and who, with his wife Tracey Ellery, founded LookSmart, one of the world’s first online marketing businesses, later sold to Readers’ Digest. He was formerly and briefly a member of the Bracks Government in Victoria, resigned and became CEO of Better Place, a company founded in Israel that is in the process of launching in Australia the infrastructure (i.e. the charging point network across the country) to support the arrival of the world’s first mass market, zero-emission electric car, the Renault Fluence ZE.

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Garry Barker and Leon Gettler