Curve Tomorrow - Talking Business 2011 Ep 32a

A review of the week in business, with expert analysis and commentary.

Curve Tomorrow, a young company dedicated to identifying and evaluating innovative ideas in Australia, is led by three young men, Vikash and Avinish Rugoobur and Mahinder Jaimangal. Avinish and Mahinder formerly working with Dr Laurie Spark in his legendary Holden Innovation Centre at Fishermen’s Bend in Melbourne and Vikash was with IBM in the US, India and Australia. Dr Spark, now chief technology officer for the EDay Life electric car soon to go on sale in Australia, is an alumnus of RMIT and, now, a member of the professorial team in engineering. Avinish, Mahinder and Vikash speak to us about idea, innovation and how they need to be handled in the modern technological world.

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