Shape grammars for description and optimisation of geometric design in 3D

Maciej Ogorzalek, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Department of Information Technologies, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland speaking at the Platform Technologies Research Institute lecture, sponsored by The RMIT Foundation International Visiting Fellowship Program and IEEE CASS Victorian Section.

The automatic generation of extremely complex three-dimensional design solutions is gaining a lot of attention especially in the field of architecture and town-planning and the floorplanning of integrated circuit design. It requires efficient searches of large and discontinuous spaces which consist of components, objectives, constraints and topological connections. An optimization search algorithm takes the problem formulation and identifies promising solutions by evaluating design alternatives and evolving designs states. Objective and constraints analyses usually vary for different problems. At the same time the optimization technique and geometric representation are problem independent and constitute the core of a generic layout tool. This presentation provides an overview of existing techniques and available tools and present1 an outlook into application in design of 3D high complexity electronic circuits and systems.

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RMIT University
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