1.2 - Impact of the GFC on global minerals trade

1.2 Impact of the GFC on global minerals trade
Melinda Moore, Principal Consultant, CleanUP Commodities, London

Melinda Moore is Principal for CleanUP Commodities, a trade consultancy, offering market analytical services and modelling across the metal sectors. Ms. Moore previously coordinated the Commodities view for Credit Suisse's global mining equity practice and before then, inside BHP Billiton's Market Analysis team. Ms. Moore has been commentating on global steel, mining & energy trade for the past 10 years, across Australia, China, Singapore and London. She speaks regularly at industry conferences and is keenly sought after by international media and investors for her views. Her extensive global contact network and time in China/India provide her with a strong backdrop for understanding the urbanisation/industrialisation trends feeding the commodity cycle. She holds a Bachelor Economics (Hons.) degree from Monash University.

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