Rick Hooper, CEO of Barefoot Power - Talking Business 2011 Ep 45a

A review of the week in business, with expert analysis and commentary.

Rick Hooper is the CEO of a slightly extraordinary Australian company called Barefoot Power which is dedicated to providing essential, low-cost electrical power to undeveloped countries.
As Mr Hooper says: “We are a social enterprise that focuses on providing affordable lighting and phone charging products specifically for low income populations that do not have access to electricity. We believe that energy access is one of the key building blocks of economic development and the first step to alleviate energy poverty. Thus our first area of focus is on the most basic need for clean and affordable lighting. To achieve this, our designs, manufactures and distributes micro-solar lighting and phone charging products that have been designed to target communities in developing countries.”

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Garry Barker and Leon Gettler
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