Economist Stephen Koukoulas - Danielle Conroy at Wheelbarrow - Talking Business 2012 - Ep44

Moody’s cutting France’s credit rating while the EU and IMF can’t yet agree on releasing the latest instalment of rescue funding needed to save Greece from bankruptcy.

Interview with Tim Kentley, Nick Bland and Danielle Conroy at Wheelbarrow

Interview with economist Stephen Koukoulas

Leon and Garry discuss issues including:
US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke warning that the looming 'fiscal cliff' tax hikes and spending cuts "pose a substantial threat" to the country's economic recovery.
Moody’s cutting France’s credit rating while the EU and IMF can’t yet agree on releasing the latest instalment of rescue funding needed to save Greece from bankruptcy.
The OECD saying Australia's South-East Asian trading partners look set to grow at a robust rate over the next five years, matching the pace before the 2008/09 global financial crisis
US President Barack Obama leading efforts to fast-track plans for a Pacific free trade zone in a move that confronts China's growing economic influence and would introduce free trade amongst countries, including Australia, that represent about 30 per cent of global GDP
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) saying Australia's four largest banks should be forced to raise billions of dollars in additional capital to better protect them against a downturn because the health of the four banks is so crucial to the country's banking sector. The IMF calls for tougher stress tests to assess how banks would manage a financial crisis like the one that hit after the Lehman Brothers collapse. But the banks reject it
Commonwealth Bank's (CBA) Business Sales Indicator (BSI) showing that despite three interest rate cuts since May, consumers aren't spending any more than they were five months ago. But according to an AMP survey, consumer optimism is starting to look up in Australia and we are planning to spend more on clothes, shoes, local holidays and technology
The Reserve Bank of Australia flagging the potential for further rate cuts in the period ahead.
Federal financial services and superannuation minister Bill Shorten announcing a swathe of changes to market integrity rules, aimed at protecting investors from concerns surrounding high frequency trading
Tensions between Indonesia and Australia while a trade, investment and economic co-operation agreement is being negotiated between business groups from Australia and Indonesia would allow unskilled Indonesian workers with limited English skills to fill labour shortages in Australia
Australian retailers launching ClickFrenzy, and it crashes under the strain.
Qantas management hunkering down amid a renewed attempt by some of Australia's best-connected businessmen to secure a cornerstone stake and overhaul the airline. A consortium including financier Mark Carnegie, Leighton finance boss Peter Gregg, adman John Singleton and former Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon has been seeking support for a partial float of Jetstar and Qantas' frequent-flyer loyalty scheme. Under their plans, the consortium would take a cornerstone stake of about 20 per cent in Qantas, seek three board seats and agitate for management change.
Graincorp rejecting a $2.68 billion takeover proposal from US-based food processing giant Archer Daniels Midland Company
ACCC taking 11 Harvey Norman franchisees to the Federal Court for allegedly misrepresenting consumer rights.
Mike Smith emerging as Australia's highest-paid banker with a package worth nearly $10 million last year.

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