James Cattermole from JadeLynx - RMIT economist Sinclair Davidson - Talking Business 2012 - Ep45

The OECD warning that the world economy is at risk of a fresh contraction if euro-zone and US policy makers fail to restore confidence by resolving their fiscal problems

Interview with James Cattermole from JadeLynx, founder of the Hexigo management decision making system
Interview with RMIT economist Sinclair Davidson:

Leon and Garry discuss issues including:
Greece winning breathing space with long-frozen eurozone loans to restart from December and a first clear admission that a chunk of the country's debt burden will need to be written off down the line. After 13 hours of talks in Brussels, the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund agreed to unlock €43.7 billion ($A54.63 billion) in loans and grant significant debt relief going forward for decades to come.
Talks on the European Union's €1 trillion ($A1.25 trillion) budget ending in deadlock when leaders of the 27-nation bloc failed to overcome seemingly irreconcilable differences on spending.
The OECD warning that the world economy is at risk of a fresh contraction if euro-zone and US policy makers fail to restore confidence by resolving their fiscal problems
Qantas Airways bracing itself for a public showdown with the group of its former executives and their co-investors who have bought a strategic stake in the airline and are pushing a different management strategy
Ratings agency Moody's cutting the outlook of Queensland's Aa1 rating from stable to negative as the state's financial performance continues to deteriorate.
Housing affordability rising for the seventh consecutive quarter in the three months to September, according to the HIA/CBA housing affordability index which increased by 5.3 per cent in the September quarter, which places the index 15 per cent higher than the corresponding quarter in 2011
GM Holden chairman and managing director Mike Devereux warning that next year will be when Australia decides whether it wants an auto industry or not
Prominent businessman Mark Carnegie revealing plans to join with investor Perpetual to tackle the 43-year cross-shareholding binding investment company Washington H Soul Pattinson to brickmaker Brickworks in the hope of unlocking up to $1 billion in value for shareholders and create more shareholder activism.
Woolworths Ltd property spin-off, Shopping Centres Australasia Ltd, making a successful debut on the Australian Securities Exchange, listing at a premium to its offer price before climbing even higher
Shares in Melbourne IT Ltd sinking to a nine-month low after it downgraded its earnings guidance and flagged the sale of some assets
New data showing that retailers participating in last week's Click Frenzy event have registered a record number of online sales, despite the early technical problems
The Reserve Bank of Australia looking to get rid of the detested 10 per cent surcharge whacked onto taxi fares for the privilege of paying by a card
A study by BCG consultants finding that companies focussing on labour productivity have boosted profit margins by more than 7 per cent on average in five years while others have gone backwards
The owner of Coles supermarkets, Wesfarmers, considering $1 bet limits on the poker machines it owns as the company explores options to distance itself from the pubs and gambling business.
James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch and their associated companies being pursued by One.Tel's liquidators for nearly $400 million
The Future Fund has struck a binding agreement with Australian Infrastructure Fund Ltd to buy assets including Melbourne Airport.

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